TVFS –Time Various Functions System-(2-dimensional integrated piping)

Using “TVFS,” a proprietary technology that applies FSW and has also been patented, Time manufactures “functional temperature control plates” necessary for making LCD screens for smartphones, televisions, computers, and other devices.

TVFS technology makes it possible to superimpose metal-to-metal surface-to-surface bonding. The temperature control plates are provided with intricate pathways (grooves) to cool and dissipate water and hot water. Normally, the lid is covered with a member machined to the same shape as the groove, but with TVFS technology, a lid plate of the same size as the main body with the groove cut out is joined by overlapping the lid plate.

The body and lid plate are kneaded together like “Turkish ice cream” without using any adhesives. This not only eliminates the risk of liquid leakage, but also saves cost and space.

FSW (friction stir welding)


Improved reliabilityNo worry about leakage because the joints are as strong as the base material.
Increased cooling and thermal efficiencyCopper and aluminum alloys can be bonded, making it ideal for heat exchange plates with freely shaped flow paths.
Space savingSince the components are mounted on the plate, the volume occupied by conventional three-dimensional piping is reduced to only the volume of two-dimensional integrated piping TVFS.
Since the plate itself also serves as a strength member for mounting the components, no members are needed for mounting the equipment.
Reduction of total costThe elimination of manual piping work reduces equipment assembly time, making it ideal for mass-produced equipment.
Recyclable100% recyclable because no adhesive.

Differences from Other Companies

FSW joints of other companies

When a conduit is fabricated with FSW, a stepped groove is machined in the plate, a lid identical to the groove shape is machined and fitted into the groove, and the butt joints are joined.


A groove without steps is cut in a thick plate, and a lid plate of the same size as the main body is placed on top of the groove and joined, eliminating the need to produce a lid plate with a complicated shape.

Applied Product Achievements

Semiconductor cooling plates

Semiconductor cooling plates

Industrial temperature control plates

Industrial temperature control plates