Corporate Philosophy

Company Guideline

Just in time
Values are offered on a timely basis.
From products to products and service
Detailed service to customers (24 hours a day, 365 days a year)
To competition of the quality
Quality competitiveness and high-quality created by the characteristic

Company Policy

  1. We shall meet the requirements of customers and laws/regulations foremost and provide the quality to obtain trust and satisfaction in precision processing and device machine production.
  2. Each employee follows requirements of international standard ISO9001/2015 and pushes forward the system improvement consistently at the same time, then provides more stable quality.
    ISO9001:2000 certification is acquired in June, 2002
    ISO9001/2008 is renewed in July, 2009
    ISO9001/2015 is renewed in July, 2020
  3. We aim at low emissions in consideration of global environment preservation.
  4. We set quality targets specifically every year, circulate the PDCA circle consistently and plan to achieve the targets.